Join the Staff

Hi this is Jay Sparrowtree of Whip Radio,

The World Wide Whip started as the Gorean Radio and has been on the air since January 2010 and in that time we have had a lot of great talent come through the place. As the Whip grows and as our Audience grows, we need even more talented people to be part of the Whip Team.

Maybe you have some experience as a DJ or skilled at large event planning, graphic and video production, website building or blogging. There are lots of needs both on the Air and behind the scenes and at Whip Radio all training is provided. Whatever your Nationality, Country or Time Zone, it doesn’t matter. There are many slots to choose from so you can be pretty sure your talents will be used at a time of day or night that works for you! So if you are interested in becoming a volunteer for the Whip, fill in this form. We look forward to welcoming you to be part of the team that brings our audience the World Wide Whip!

All of our staff, from the newest to the founder are unpaid volunteers who make the Whip into the work of heart that it is. We do not expect you to sacrifice your life in order to broadcast on the Whip. As with everything else, real life comes first. If you’re committed to bringing music to your audience, and can dedicate at least four shows a month, we want you. Are you able to provide staff support through social media? Are you able to do a combination of things? Are you looking to support the Whip through anything you can do even if you’re not sure?

Come and apply to the World Wide Whip!

With three stations, The World Wide Whip, Whippet, and Whip Blues, we always have need of broadcasters and support staff. Fill out the form below to get yourself started. Being a volunteer looks great on your resume too!

For Broadcasters: Streaming program such as SAM, Nicecast or other program that can stream to our server. A steady internet connection of at least 50mpb. Headset, microphone, and a love of talking over the air. A relatively large music library, preferably on an external drive. A music search and downloader is a very good idea.

For Support Staff: Are you twitter savy? Do you know how to use facebook? Instagram? Flickr? Do you grok WordPress? Are you able to code in PHP? Are you diplomatic? Willing to act as a liason for the live broadcaster and the sim they are on? We have all sorts of support staff needs.