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Whip Radio Loyal Listener Program

The management of The Gorean Whip Radio, a premier Internet Radio Station on Second Life and other virtual worlds, announced today the formation of an Enhanced Loyal Listener Program. The current program, long the standard of support for those  lovers of the WHIP,  now  enhanced even more to raise customer satisfaction and improve the link between station and listener!

As of 2/7/2018 levels of Silver and Gold are redefined. Here are the details.

Basic Loyal Listener

Available at no cost to any Sim, Store or Individual that promises to stream the WHIP on  the lands in their Virtual Worlds. Yes we even cover over worlds such as Counter Earth and Open Sim!  Give us your information and we will add you to our Loyal Listener Page at This includes a texture of your choice, an SURL transporting   visitors directly to your in world location, contact information and a description of your group. Should  you desire it, a voice advertisement may be submitted. A play on demand link on our website and rotation playing one day a week on the station is included.  (Whip staff are available to you should you seek assistance with creation.)

Loyal Listener- Silver Sponsor (2,500 L per month)

All the existing services  plus daily rotation of your 30- to 45 second advertising,

Website page just for your organization that can display most anything you wish to add to it such as social media links, referral back to your site, a player so viewers may listen to your radio spot,  contact information and more! One “on location” event per month available for your scheduling subject to availability of course. (Some  slots can fill up fast !)

Loyal Listener – Gold Sponsor (5,000 L per month)

Gold level allows either one spot up to 1 minute in length  or two 30-45 second spots rotated per show on a daily schedule. These play  while the station runs with background scheduling and when a broadcaster is not covering  a special event or a  talk show / book reading. Sponsored events are restricted to that organization’s promotion along with station identification. Exceptions allowed with sponsor approval of course.

Up to three “on location’ events per month with priority scheduling should two events attempt coverage on same time slot. Please note: you must schedule the event and early registration is best, but efforts made to adjust as needed.

A dedicated Whip Radio Staff person to handle all your interactions with the station and if you desire it, a private email at

Prominent Website placement and mention of events on our Social Media sites also included of course.

How to enroll

Taking advantage of these programs is easy! A registration form is located on the website at just navigate to it from front page !)

A staff member will then contact within 48 hours and  take down what is needed to finalize the setup and give you station marketing resources to help spread the word about your organization and the station. A rental system at our SL headquarters allows proper tracking of your sponsorship. The Board allows others to see your sponsorship and get a notecard about your group upon touch.

Networked event boards are provided at allow quick dispersal across  all the sponsor locations to get the word out about your events. These are very low resource  products and should be of little impact to your lands. ( some are a single prim.) Several styles are available to compliment your environments and scripts with instructions to implement into your own builds are offered.

Comparison Chart

Advertising on Air Frequency (1 Day a Week Play)1- 30 sec
Advertising on Air Frequency (Daily Play) Played during standard programming and each 2 hour broadcaster shift if not special event
1 – 30 sec1 – 60 sec Or   2 – 30 sec
Website listedyesyesyes
Separate Website Pageyesyes
On site events per month which must be requested. A Broadcaster dropping in for show is available at any level with no scheduling needed!013
Social Media Listed (Facebook, Twitter)yesyes
Social Media Event Listed (Facebook)Yes, if RequestedYes
Dedicated Whip Staff PersonYes
Private email address at worldwidewhip.comYes
On Sim Promotional Resources YesYesYes
  • * Special event is described as 1) one scheduled by a sponsor  for a specific purpose. 2) programming that does not work well with advertising such as book reading or live talk show or syndication show created with no breaks.

Apply today or contact us in world for further information!!

    Day of Advertisement Played