Marie Darion / Rose

Sim Liaison

Why did you join The Whip? Not only was it for the many people of the Whip that became such good friend, but a way of helping The Gorean Whip in whatever capacity i could which is keeping you all informed of upcoming events for the Gorean Whip Facebook. The Whip is dedicated to including everyone through their music and the causes they strongly believe in. I think the word that describes me the best is committed. In the 12 years I have been of SL I have been caught off guard in many situations, but I have tried to deliver well in all my environments. Nothing is certain until i found the two things that make my second life complete, that being The Whip and being one with DJ Raymar BlackWolf. I have learned through him the meaning of stability, understanding and a zest for anything that comes my way. RL consists of wife, mother and grandma to a dog, SL surrounds me as a slave, a partner, a companion, a host and a Motorcycle Monster.