Julius Darion


DJ Darion fancies himself to be the Mystical Muscial Gate Keeper. He prides himself with his efforts to show his key knowledge and love of music. Darion has been a DJ online and in Second Life for over a decade. He brings his passion of playing music and the knowledge behind good tunes, as well as audience requests. He's a wise cracking DJ who wants you to keep your music stream set to 11.

Darion is a person of many trades, and energizes the stream with good music. He has spent years over live internet radio and virtual clubs to hone his skills and his uncanny ability to know about the music he plays. He enjoys playing flashback music to reach a person's soul. His genres range from the 1960s to Y2K. He tries to set up his shows for a flow through play list.

Traveling all throughout Gor to satisfy those sweet tunes that everyone craves, DJ Darion, the Mystic Music Gate Keeper is on from 8pm to 10pm SLT/PST only on the World Wide Whip.