Irish Breen – Music Queen

General Manager - Broadcaster

Irish Breen is the General Manager of the Whip, and one of our broadcasters. Since 2003 Irish Breen has been a staple in the online music scene. During HTML chat days she was always, always on the radio! Since 2007 she has been a staple of the Second Life Music Scene.Dj'n at some amazing well known clubs and venues. Sci-Fi Cons, Second Life birthdays, Redeux, 25L Tuesdays.. the list goes on. Music is what drives her to do the best she can at all times. Starting out as "Drivng with D.U.I." aka DeeWee and now in her current reincarnation as Irish Breen the Music Queen she has been part of the Gorean Whip since it first 6 months. Along with Brett Bertolucci, Lucy Bronet , Black Ort and Jay Sparrowtree, she is one of the senior citizens of the group. 🙂 She has the purple hair to go with it! She LOVES her Job. As the GM of Gorean WHIP, it has been her pleasure to work with all the amazing stupendous broadcasters from around the world. Her staff is what makes the WHIP what it is: The best damn station around the internet! You can find Irish Breen the Music Queen on Saturdays at the Gorean Hub, from 8 pm - Midnight SLT/PST. Also on Thursdays at 6 pm SLT/PST, where she "Kicks it some Country." Other times she will just grab the stream and take off running. You never know what she is going to do next. Specializing in remix and club music, she also has a huge library of country, classic rock, classic music and anything else you would love to hear. Her motto is.. "If I can't find it, … wait I can find that.." Catch her on our Facebook ( face book link here ) Twitter ( Twitter link here ) etc…. "Looking forward to playing music for you all.. Irish Breen. “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” Friedrich Nietzsche" Spitfire makes note to 'update' Irish's bio to include how she gained her superpowers after being bitten by a radioactive tequila shot… Irish Breen on Second Life