Broadcaster – Special Envoy – Site Support


Two little letters stand for so much. io is a Canadian girl with a heart of gold who is too sweet for her own good. She ran into Irish Breen at the Gorean Hub one day during a live broadcast of “Simply Irish” and their friendship was almost instantaneous. io joined Irish whenever she could to dance for the pleasure of it at the hub and other locations. Already a private broadcaster for a year before they met, io and Irish became fast friends, and it took Irish over a year to convince io to join the Whip.

As a private broadcaster for several years at various clubs within Second Life, io found her joy in bringing “eargasms” to her listeners. With a desire to share Canadian Content, eclectic music and more, what io loves most of all is to play requests. The stranger or rarer the request, the greater her satisfaction in getting that perfect tune to her listeners. She also loves to rise to themes for special events. Jokingly calling herself the “tongue-tied DJ,” io laughs at herself when her tongue won’t work, her “Murphyonic Field” triggers an equipment malfunction, or her teenagers decide to become a part of her show in the background.

io daydreaming

Since she was of the many broadcasters for Second Life’s 15th Birthday Celebration, io plans to reapply for the 16th. As a special envoy, io will act as a liaison when a member of the management team is needed but not available, and will scout sims so she can get permission sim owners whether or not she, or her Second Life partner Spitfire, can do their Whip broadcasts for that week at their sim. Not every sim wants a blue-skinned rainbow speckled alien with pink hair or a purple haired elf, so io goes and checks first. She will also bring dance balls and dance pads at the request of the sim or broadcaster. As site support, io helps management with maintaining the website but leaves coding to the coders, most of the time.

“We were told to make a joyful noise, not sing on key,” is one of her favorite mottoes. Her current one she is following is “it’s okay to be afraid. Do it anyway.”

Join her Sundays at 9 pm PST to close out your week, or start it if you’re in Europe, or as a fill-in for Irish, or during special events. Her favorite charities are Cystic Fibrosis and Diabetes Canada since she’s a recently diagnosed diabetic and grew up with two very important people who were diabetic in her life, as well as a local charity in her regional district which helps support out of town travel for medical needs for families.

Spitfire and an amethyst io

Her Whip tribute to Opportunity can be found here.

I’m called io instead of Io because Io looks like lo in Second Life’s basic font. I’m currently using “iOjo” as my name because it is a mashup of “io” and the Japanese word “Ojo” which means “monarch’s daughter.” It is a many level name. iOjo looks, at a glance, like 1010, which is binary for 10, which looks like “io.” So the name is a circle. If you’re confused, just call me io.

When not on the Whip, io can be found at Wonderlust Gardens. She does private broadcasts Fridays and Sundays, as well as other events.